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Coral Cliffs Elementary

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Contact Information

2040 West 2000 North
St. George, Utah 84770
Phone: (435) 652-4712
Fax: (435) 652-4716


Steve Eves

Steve Eves –

Safe Routes Utah


Coral Cliffs Elementary School encourages parents to volunteer and join the Parent Teacher Association. Meetings are held monthly and members of the PTA assist school officials with events, programs, and fundraisers. Volunteers are welcome to join with friends or as a group when help is needed at school functions.


This school is dedicated to providing students with a safe environment for learning. Coral Cliffs believes that students have a better school experience when they are happy, loved, and appreciated. They strive to encourage all students to live up to their full potential. They work hard to nurture leadership qualities.

Students are expected to arrive at school on time and be ready for classes. This expectation sets each student up to succeed. Of course, Coral Cliffs realize that there are times when students must miss school. In these cases, parents are asked to phone the school in the morning.


Coral Cliff Professional Development School provides students with an opportunity to stay active with weekly physical education classes. These classes take place each Friday. Students are required to wear proper athletic shoes during the class.

Each Friday, students are encouraged to wear their school shirt or school colors to celebrate School Spirit Day.


The community council is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and three Council Members. The council meets throughout the year with the objectives of nurturing communication between school officials, parents, and administrators. They are responsible for developing a Professional Development Plan and a Reading Achievement Plan. They also review testing assessments, create plans for school improvement, and offer council on school issues. They act as a liaison between the community and the school.



Associated Documentation: Standard Reunification Method

Definition: To move students to a remote site for reunification with family members.

Alert Signal: Announcement—“Evacuate! to (remote site). We will be implementing the Family Reunification protocol from that location.”

Teacher response:

  1. Take emergency backpack and classroom Go-kit as you exit.
  2. Follow Evacuation procedures and guide students to the designated on-campus staging area. Prepare students for boarding of buses.
  3. Ensure special needs students are assisted. Request help if needed.
  4. Account for students. Take roll. If all students are present hold up Green Card. Write names of missing students on Red Card and hold up.
  5. Once students and other persons from your area of responsibility have boarded a bus, assist the bus driver by taking roll and completing the driver’s evacuation roster. Prepare to give a list of all evacuees to the Reunification Site Commander upon arrival.
  6. Follow the instructions of the Family Reunification Staff when you arrive at the Family Reunification Site. You may be asked to assist in staffing the site.


Definition: When students must be dismissed from the school site, following an emergency. Alert Signal: Announcement—“We will be releasing students using the Quick Release (or Slow Release) protocol.”

Teacher Response:

Elementary & Intermediate Levels—Students will be released to their parents or designee, as prearranged on Emergency Contact Card, with government issued photo identification, using one of the following:

    • Quick Release—from the student’s outside classroom door, facilitated by the student’s teacher.
    • Slow Release—from a Reunification Station outside the building, facilitated by the Family Reunification team.

Middle and High School Levels-– Same as above except for those students whose parents have signed an Emergency Release Permission Form giving permission for the student to be released, after being excused, following an emergency.