Mrs. Fuller-Tolbert : Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Fuller-Tolbert | Preschool Teacher

My Email: laile.fuller@washk12.org

Katelynn George : Kindergarten Teacher

Katelynn George | Kindergarten Teacher

My Email: katelynn.george@washk12.org

I was born and raised in St. George. I have had the opportunity to teach Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Computers, and STEM since 2012. I believe school is a place to have fun, to meet new friends, to learn about one’s self, to learn to trust, share, explore, to accept ones’ self and others, to learn responsibility, and to acquire the academic skills essential to the future success of the child.  “Childhood is a Journey, Not a Race.”

Carla Dunleavy : 1st Grade Teacher

Carla Dunleavy | 1st Grade Teacher

My Email: carla.dunleavy@washk12.org

I am so happy to be able to teach first grade here at Coral Cliffs. This is my ninth year teaching but my first year in first grade.  What a great opportunity to be able to help these kids as they really begin to become readers. My goal as a teacher is to create a classroom environment where each student feels loved, valued, and appreciated.  I want my students to enjoy coming to school and to be empowered to know that they can accomplish anything they work hard for.   I’m excited for a great year!

Coryell Potter : 2nd Grade Teacher

Coryell Potter | 2nd Grade Teacher

My Email: coryell.potter@washk12.org

Hi, I’m Mrs. Potter! I am so excited to be back at Coral Cliffs Elementary where I began my educational journey. This is my 16th year teaching in WCSD, and I have taught kindergarten, 4th and 2nd grades. I am a lifelong learner. I have a Masters degree, reading, technology, and gifted and talented endorsements. For the past three years, I taught at Crimson View Elementary. It was there, I found a passion for science. As I watch my students create solutions to solve problems big or small, I realize this is exactly what the world needs. We were born to create and be engineers! This year I look forward to the Battle of the Books, using the STEM lab, and making memories with the Coral Cliff Coyotes students and staff!!!

Sherri Furness : 3rd Grade Teacher

Sherri Furness | 3rd Grade Teacher

My Email: sherri.furness@washk12.org

Hi!  I'm Mrs. Furness!  My family and I just moved here from Rigby, Idaho.  I have four kids, three of which attend Coral Cliffs Elementary!  We love the St. George area and are so excited to be here!  I have taught school for 17 years.  I started at the middle school level teaching 6th grade science, then transferred to the elementary level and have taught several different grade levels there.  While my kids were really little, I ran a preschool for 10 years.  Throughout my years of teaching, I have learned that kids are capable of more than they know!  They are smart, they are kind, they are our future, and that is exciting!  I try to always find the positive, especially in kids, because they deserve all the love we can give, and tend to thrive when they feel valued! 

Pamela Christensen : 4th Grade Teacher

Pamela Christensen | 4th Grade Teacher

My Email: pamela.christensen@washk12.org

I have been teaching 11 years and have taught multiple grade levels. I love teaching science so much that I have a masters degree focused on science. I love learning and want to pass that love of learning onto my students. Our class motto this year is "If you believe it, and work hard for it, anything is possible.”.  

Camille Cottle : 5th Grade Teacher

Camille Cottle | 5th Grade Teacher

My Email: camille.cottle@washk12.org

It is such a great privilege to be able to work alongside such amazing educators. I believe that education is such a gift and I feel so grateful to be a part of such a small and perfect community of learners. Every single student deserves the right to have the best learning experience where they are each able to soar and succeed. I am so passionate about making that experience the absolute best it can be for every child who walks through my door. My hope is that they take away not only core concepts but most importantly key tools in becoming a responsible and helpful citizen in the community.

Geri Hardy : Special Education Teacher

Geri Hardy | Special Education Teacher

My Email: geri.hardy@washk12.org

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